Drugs Don’t Work Here! What Every Employee Needs to Know about Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace Kit

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Price: $279.00

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Drugs Don't Work Here!

This Drug-Free Workplace employee-training kit is organized into three video modules that can be used separately on viewed together.

  • Danger! Drugs at Work! Covers the Signs, Symptoms, and Effects of the Most Commonly Abused Drugs and Alcohol
  • It’s Part of the Job! Explains the Role of Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
  • It’s a No Brainer! Shows How Drug and Alcohol Abuse Can Damage the Brain

The DVD has an easy to use menu to find video modules quickly.

Additional Participant Manuals can be purchased separately. Call for Quantity Pricing.

This training kit when used with your policy can be used for group or self-paced training.

What makes this training kit special is Michael Pritchard a nationally known entertainer who works with adults and teenagers to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. His stories bring a human face to the problem of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Michael motivates people to find help before it is too late and to help them protect themselves, co-workers, and the public from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Using real stories Michael motivates employees to think about the consequences to co-workers and families when they recognize that here could be a problem.

Many workers and supervisors feel that what someone does on their own time is their own business. Brain scans of recreational drug users and heavy alcohol users graphically show how the brain can be damaged and overtime a brain’s functions are impaired.

As a result of this training program when used with your policy employees will be able to:

  • Describe how a substance abuse policy with testing protects the workplace.
  • Explain how not enforcing a substance abuse policy jeopardizes fellow employees as well as the public.
  • Recognize the effects, signs, and symptoms of alcohol use and drug abuse, on an individual’s health, work, and personal life.
  • Describes specific alcohol, illegal substance, and prescription use that is prohibited in the workplace.
  • List the occasions that alcohol and drug testing can be done.
  • Find help if when necessary.

Training Kit elements that can be ordered separately. Price based on quantity.

Drug-Free Workplace Employee Leader Binder

The Leader Binder when used with your policy can be used for group or self-paced training. The Leader Guide binder provides the necessary information for anyone to facilitate the training. The suggested one hour training outline features video/DVD based instructional segments re-enforced with reproducible handouts. The transcript of each video/DVD segment is included in the binder. Discussion questions and answers are provided for each segment.

The Resources section contains reproducible forms such as:

  • Training Attendance Sign-in sheet
  • Stages of Alcohol Abuse Chart
  • 10 Ways to Destroy Your Life
  • Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Chart
  • Patterns of ob Performance Deterioration
  • Where an Employee can find help
  • Self-Check Quiz and Answer Key
  • Certificate of Completion

There is also place in the binder for your substance abuse policy. Each Leader Guide comes with an n “At a Glance State Drug Law Chart” to explain to employees your state’s drug testing laws.

Drug-Free Workplace Participant Manual

This manual is an easy to use reference to the material presented in the training session. There is a transcript of each video/DVD segment with room on the sides of the page for the employee to make notes. All of the charts, forms, and where to get confidential help are included along with the Self-Check Quiz & Completion Certificate.

The video/DVD and collateral materials can be customized. We can include your logo and images in both the video/DVD and collateral materials. We can also include your policy. Call for details.

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Price: $279.00